Software Review – Have Decks, Effects and Mixing Software Come of Age?

By Gavin Peterson

Audio Arterty’s One DJ is a customisable DJ software which features a fully modifiable user
interface with audio routing and a timeline edit mode. This last feature
is particularly useful when trying to load an instrumental and an acapella
(automatically expanding both) into the same deck, trigger them as one, and
edit them independently.
Edits can
be made and tracks navigated without the playback being affected. For example, you can take out the different tracks while others are playing. Below is a video showing how to create mixes:

Gear  management

One DJ
features a ‘Gear manager’ at the top of a layout menu. Here, you can add and
remove player decks, mixers, browsers and effect racks from your layout. An
icon (in the form of an eye) enables you to hide some of your gear while still
making them available for later use.

Customising the layouts can be done by arranging, resizing, saving and renaming various on screen elements.


You can
toggle to fullscreen mode players, effect racks, browsers and other windows.
This enables you to make accurate adjustments in players and timelines, as well
as get an enhanced view of your track lists.

Midi and hide

You can use a Midi controller to control your mixer, meaning you
don’t need to use the gear function. This is done by pressing ”hide”
from the gear manager to prevent gear from occupying screen


At some point you might want to correct the response of microphones, instrument pick-ups, loudspeakers, and venue acoustics as well as eliminate any unwanted sounds. This is where the modular audio routing system comes in. It’s a useful feature which enables the positioning of effects between decks and the mixer. This is useful if you need equalization or compression.


It remains to be seen whether One DJ can compete with the likes of Traktor, Serato Scratch and Ableton Live, or even grab the attention of more serious/professional DJs. However, with a modular interface and the ability to call up as many timelines as you want, for €49 One DJ might prove good value for money.

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