Music Aural lesson: Ear training tips for note recognition (with audio)

Firstly this lesson includes audio which requires Quicktime installed. It can be downloaded here. Also, use the virtual piano if you’re not able to get to one at home:

if (WIDGETBOX) WIDGETBOX.renderWidget(‘4190c399-fbd3-4146-af29-a0767493d78d’);Get the Computer Keyboard Piano widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)
will begin by identifying each note we hear as we sing it. Let’s start with C
“C” (Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)
(Sing back)

sing all the notes from C to C i.e. C,
D, E, F, G, A, B, C

are eight notes from C (the first note) to C (the eighth note). 

C- C is can be applied to solfage so C is “Do”, D is “Ray”, E = “Me”, F =
Far”, G = “So”, A = “La”, B “Tee”, then C = Do (and an Octave above) 

will now play the sequence of repeated notes but this time after each one
identifying them by their position. 
Since there are eight notes from C to C above, C is the 1st position, D is 2, E is 3 etc etc. Do this
away from the Piano/keyboard first, then on the piano.
”CE, CE, CE, CE” –
so on.

sing from C to D four times identifying
by note
e.g.”CD, CD, CD, CD”

  • From C to E four
    times e.g.”CE, CE, CE, CE”
  • From C to F four
    times e.g. ”CF, CF, CF, CF”
  • From C to G four
    times e.g. ”CG, CG, CG, CG”
  • From C to A four
    times e.g. ”CA,
    CA, CA,
  • From C to B four
    times e.g. ”CB, CB, CB, CB”
  • From C to C four
    times e.g. ”CC, CC, CC, CC”
we’ll repeat the process but set to music. There will be a 4-count beat before
starting. Ready? Here we go: (music plays) –DONE

did you do? Do these exercises regularly (i.e everyday) and after a while it will slowly sink in.

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