Paper Record Player for Weddings – Genuis Gadget or Musical Madness?

Paper Record Player from kellianderson on Vimeo.Designer Kelli Anderson wanted to create something original for the wedding of her friends Karen Sandler and Mike Tarantino. The result – a paper record player
If recipients don’t like the tinny sound of the hand-spun version, they can pop that “flexi-disc” out of the wedding invitation and let a conventional turntable do the spinning for them, where it’ll play just like any other record.

Karen and Mike wrote the lyrics and performed the music, vocals and audio engineering themselves. Mike’s background as a Grammy-nominated audio recording engineer played a part.

Kelly started thinking about the idea when Karen and Mike realised that they needed an invitation to their Spring wedding. It was therefore important for the invitation to reference the importance of music in bringing people together at social gatherings and ideally would feature an original song by the couple.

The video contains a guide to how to operate the player. Send us any stories of unusual musical inventions you might know of.

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