Music retailer & instrumental teacher lead generation tips – a beginners marketing guide

By Ugo Onwutalu

If you’re a retailer selling musical items or a music instrument teacher looking for more pupils, you need to go beyond the usual word-of mouth and newspaper advertising. You have to generate leads, specifically online. To have any
success in online lead generation, you must first have 2 things: a squeeze page
and a compelling offer. Let’s begin with a squeeze page.

What is it?

A squeeze
page is a simple web page that describes what you are offering and
requires/requests only one action from your visitor – their email address.There
is no menu or any other links to click away from that page.

compelling offer can be anything of value to your visitors but you must have
this in place in order to generate a large number of enquiries that can then be
converted to clients.

Below are the steps to take in order to maximise your online lead generation

Build your list with an enticing offer

One of most common ways of building
your list is by offering your visitors a something exciting for free in
exchange for their contact details (usually their name and email address). The
reason the most successful squeeze pages attract thousands to millions of
visitors, and have a high conversion rate is because of the offer – free but
quality information based on your knowledge that is unlikely to be found
anywhere else on the web. This can be in the form of ebooks/paperback
books/audio/video etc.

Become an author

While free reports, audio, video, teleseminars, webinars etc are all good ways
to capture visitors, the offer that will position you as an authority is
writing a book, either in electronic or physical format. By writing an ebook or
paperback book on your sector, you position yourself as an expert. This is
because few of your competitors are likely to be doing this so it is
immediately a differentiating factor. Also, being an author on a particular
subject is associated with expertise – the fact you are pouring your knowledge
of your area into multiple pages for others’ benefit is respected.

To get
started I would look at downloading Express Scribe
which allow audio recordings you make to be transcribed into a text format.
Elance is also a good site for hiring a copyriter (things to note are make sure you go thoroughly through the editing process with your copywriter and always double check even if spellchecker has been used). Also look at articles in your industry and see how you could better that
incorporating your opinions and beliefs to create something of value to

Look Professional

Your squeeze page must be well written with good copy,
professionally laid-out including any hi-res graphics. If possible have a
designer create the front cover of your ebook/physical copy so that your
visitors can see what you are offering looks like. Do a google search for
“ebook designers” or give us a call for a consultation. A good idea is to
personalise the page by having a video or audio of you describing the offer and
telling your visitor what they should do next to get the free book.

Don’t give your visitors a way out!

Your squeeze page has one aim and that
is to capture visitors email address. No other links that divert your visitor
away besides the email form should be on your page. Keep your page simple and
focused so as not to confuse or distract your visitor.

Have lots of incoming links.

On the other hand, your squeeze page needs
traffic. Search engines may well ignore a squeeze page because it might not
have enough content as it gets ‘crawled’ (looked at by search engine technology
known as ‘bots’). So the chances are your squeeze page will remain invisible
when people are searching with keywords related to your product/service. The
solution is to build back links. These are links from other sites to your
squeeze page. 

The best way is to write articles on your area of expertise and
ensure they are linked back to your squeeze page. This can be your own website,
although a faster way of linking back to your squeeze page is to submit
articles to sites like Ezine Articles, Articlebase and Hub pages. These sites rank highly in search
engines for traffic, so by using the right keywords, your articles can attract
visitors looking for information on your sector. Ensure your articles have
links to your squeeze page URL in the author’s resource box (ie, the ‘about
author’ section) and mention the offer of a free copy of your book in
downloadable electronic or physical format.

Also, other
places to build backlinks include:
• any blogs you may have, especially on high-ranking sites like blogger
• Other social media sites like Youtube and twitter
• Press releases on free sites like (
and Free press release (
• Free business /community directories. Type what you do/ your business does as well as your locality into Google and look at the search results. See if what is listed includes any directories/listing pages. These are places you should list/advertise yourself first. In the process of doing this, aim to use keywords (search terms most used and likely to come up in any results) in the title of your advert/listing as well as the main subject part/’about you’ section, e.g. 

Fun North London Piano teacher giving beginners lessons at your home. Learn songs fast!” 

Now the above example was made up on the spot but the point is to focus on the use of keywords (in bold above) most likely to appear on the search results. If the free listing site is (as it should be) popular, then your advert (with all its keywords) will eventually get picked up by Google in it’s crawl through the site for any fresh content.

Emphasise the benefits
– Be sure to include the benefits of the book that your
visitor will be receiving. List these in bullet-point format. Encourage them to
download your book (or if delivering a physical copy, enter their mailing
address) and create some urgency e.g. “only 50 copies will be given away before
we start charging”.

have an anti Spam statement – is it important that you include a short privacy
statement directly under your subscribe form informing visitors that you will
not rent, sell or share their personal information with anyone. Privacy (in
particular spam) is a natural concern for most people and by simply displaying
this privacy message directly under your form will significantly increase your
subscribe rates.

6. Find a joint-venture partner/create an affiliate/referral scheme

Joint-venture partnerships can be beneficial if you’re looking to generate leads/attract potential customers fast. Look for the most successful business nearerst to you (it is worth considering partnering with competitors as they have the customers you want), contact them and offer a partnership where they promote your products for a percentage of the revenue.

Marketing is the promotion by a third party of a business’ product or services.
The third party is called an affiliate or a publisher; the affiliates should be
seen as a virtual sales force working on behalf of your business. The
affiliates are only paid on commission on the number of sales, signups or
registrations they deliver. The top networks to set up a program with are Clickbank and Commision Junction

choose Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing, you will only pay for a desired action; you can measure
all you sales and find out what works for your campaign. An affiliate marketing
campaign is running at a low cost and with great visibility.

referral programs you are asking your customers to refer/recommend you and then
rewarding them when their referral becomes a sale for your business. Referrals
can be thought of as the offline counterpart to your affiliate scheme, used
when advertising in print media, radio or tv.

The first
step in setting up a referral plan is to review the benefits your customer
gained from your product or service. If you have helped your customers solve a
problem or gain a benefit, make sure you articulate these clearly. Get the
customer to acknowledge the value you have provided.

Remind your
customers that they have friends, family, and acquaintances that may have some
of the same needs, problems and desires.

7. Keep in regular touch with your customers

It’s one thing to attract customers/pupils but another to stay on their radar. Sporadic marketing to customers i.e. once every 2 months won’t help you build mindshare. Periodically emailing your clients (ideally once a week and sending them something useful like ‘tip of the week’ rather than sales/promotional material) builds a relationship that is not just transactional and makes them feel valued. If you have the money, it is worth investing in an autoresponder. This is a software that enables you to create messages and then sends them at specific times you set. This means you can craft a series of emails, then set the dates when you want these to be sent to your customers. Recommended software inludes Aweber, Get Response and Infustionsoft.
Ultimately, you have to be creative in growing your customer base as it’s likely your competitors will be doing similar things. Do what they are not in order to gain an advantage.

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