Metallica (Nothing Else Matters) v The Moody Blues (Nights In White Satin) Mashup

Years ago, a friend played ‘Nothing Else Matters’ at an open mic event, and I listened to the song afterwards to understand what he enjoyed about it. I could see why the song was popular, it having all the ingredients such as; a relatable subject (relationships, especially of the long-distance type), melodic, guitar opening in a minor key, a rousing chorus and instrumentals interspersed throughout the song.

I’d heard ‘Nights in White Satin’ various times in my life, but not knowing the name, always referred to it as that ‘sad-sounding 60s song’. Then hearing it again on the Radio, I made sure to get the name. I also found the key, beat and subject matter was similar (the song also being about relationships). The next thing was to work on combining two popular, dramatic-sounding songs that have stood the test of time.

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