Maroon 5 Move Like Jagger Chord Progression Chart and Musical Analysis

By Gavin Peterson

Here’s a breakdown
of the introduction to Maroon 5’s song ‘Move Like Jagger’

Key: C minor
Time: 2 time (2/4 or

Intro: At 0:46 on
youtube video, the intro starts with an whistling-sounding riff of:

C EF C* BGFE     
(* = Octave higher)



At the same time as this riff, a muffled guitar part enters playing C minor7th  chords:

At 1:00 the guitar chords get louder and clearer

 1:08 — the guitar part changes to F minor and a tapping bass enters:

Melody enters at 1:14  :

1:31 a synth bass enters

Finally, at 1:44  the chorus comes in with synth bass

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