EE 4G UK Rollout on Nokia Lumia 920 and mobile music streaming benefits

Everything Everywhere, (or more properly EE), unveiled plans to have 4G in 12 further cities across the UK by the end of the year, these being: Edinburgh, Belfast, Derby, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds,
Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Southampton. The aim is to have 70 per cent of the UK population covered by 2013, and 98 per cent by 2014.

Best of all, for T-Mobile and Orange mobile users, EE is promising speeds up to five times faster than the current 3G standard.


Music streaming
It will be interesting to see how music streaming will be improved will the 4G rollout. Previously, the average Mbps (million bits per second) of mobile users has been around 1.5Mbps – the maximum achievable download bandwidth). The expectation from consumers is that as, superfast mobile speeds should be commonplace, faster videos, downloads and web browsing will be the norm. Particularly with music, it is hoped the 4G network speed will be sufficient to stream content without an overly long buffering time (or ideally, no buffer at all). In this scenario the launch of
the iPhone 5 (if Apple does eventually operate on EE’s network) is timely. For now though, the main 4G-compatible smartphones are the Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE which is likely to have download speeds of 39.57mbps and upload speeds of 23.95mbp.

This might also prove a benefit for bands, artists and other music marketers. In the past, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra has sold internet live streams of whole concerts, instead of several CDs or similar fixed media, by their so-called “Digital Concert Hall” using YouTube for “trailing” purposes only. These “online concerts” are also spread over a lot of different places – cinemas – at various places on the globe. A similar concept has been used by the Metropolitan Opera in New York and is likely to be popular with major bands (especially in the UK) trying to make extra revenue from concerts and touring.
EE has laid down a marker and it’s up to the competition to respond. In the meantime, get ready to hear your favourite music without long wait times and interruptions and view your favourite artists and bands in HD.

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