It’s the Battle of the ‘Donts’! – Ed Sheeran v Lucy Pearl Mashup

Listening to the original version of Ed Sheeran’s 2014 hit ‘Don’t’, it might have seemed to some, like an unlikely choice to be mixed with Lucy Pearl’s early 2000s hit ‘Don’t Mess with My Man’.

However, on listening to the bass of both songs, I found the low notes followed a similar pattern, where both songs looking something like this:

  • ‘Don’t’ (using most likely Double Bass):
  • F♯F♯ (clap),   C♯C♯ (clap), DD (clap), EE (clap)


  • ‘Don’t mess with my man’ (using Guitar for opening chords):
  • G minor,        D minor,        E♭,            F F

As far as this mashup is concerned, it helped that the titles of both songs start with ‘Don’t’. Some comments under the YouTube video for ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’, suggest that Sheeran’s song has many similarities (too many for some’s liking). Among the many comments, one puts it simply:


Search and listen to each song separately and decide for yourself.

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